Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nail Polish

So i was painting my nails the other day and accidentally spilled my nail polish all over the carpet!! Steven was at work so I quickly tried cleaning it and had no such luck! Sadly all I could think of was what my Mom always told me, "Never paint your nails on the carpet! Do it in the bathroom better yet the garage!" haha. So the next day he went out and got some spot remover and after a lot of scrubbing it FINALLY came out! Thank goodness!!


  1. haha i did something similar to that except with my curling iron. I left it on on the carpet all day and came back to huge burn... we ended up cutting the carpet and now its back to normal. haha

  2. Oh dear! Im so glad it came out. And yes... my mom said the same thing and i can also picture your mom saying that too. Keep bringing the updates!