Monday, July 12, 2010


Steven has been coaching and playing on a competitive team here at BYU-I on a team called the Knights! Friday they started off their playoffs and they won their first game against the Spartans. 

On Saturday the played in the semi's against their rival team the Bruins. Lets just say it wasn't a pretty game to watch. First my poor hubby got a tooth in his head from someone on the other team. He had to get patched up before he could get on the field again. The time ran out at 1-1 so they went into two 5 min overtimes and still no goal. So they went into penalty kicks which finally ended after kick NUMBER 16!!! They got the shot and won!! 

(Steven getting help with his poor head)

That night was the finals and the entire crowd was pumped!! People had drums, vuvuzelas and many other toys. In the first half we had a lighting warning and had to postpone the game for 30 min. After the time passed they let the teams play again! The rest of the game the sky was being lit up with lightning and made for an awesome backdrop! The entire game was 0-0 until the end when we scored and won the game! It was such a great time and Steven is very proud of his team! Go Knights!!
(Watching the penalty kicks)

(After they won!)

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  1. DANG Steven. Way to go! Those games sound super intense.