Monday, October 4, 2010


I have not updated our blog all summer! 
I have been so bad!! 
My excuse?? 
My charger broke so I couldn't use my computer for a while... along with being a little lazy. 

First thing we did this summer was go to Lake Powell with my family and the Tuckers!

We had so much fun!! Going boating and wake boarding along with some jet skis!
Then we headed down to Carlsbad and we hung out with our families for a little while!

Sadly Steven went back up to Idaho to start classes for an internship he got with H&R Block while I stayed in Carlsbad with a Job. 
He is so excited for his internship because it is exactly what he wants to do with his Accounting degree!
We are missing each other but he has come down to visit me!! 
The most exciting thing that has happened recently is that my twin brother Michael came home off his mission from Arizona!

our signs

It is so exciting to have him home again with us!!

In three weeks will be another exciting event! My sister Melissa is getting married!!
We are all so excited for this and love her fiance Nick! 

Steven will come back to Carlsbad right before the wedding and then we BOTH will go back to Rexburg! I'm just so excited to be with him again! 


  1. Yay that Michael is home! I'm sure you guys are all loving it! And how sad, you have been away from Steven for so long!! I wish we could come to Melissa's wedding.. I'm sure it will be beautiful! Take lots of pictures :)

  2. That's a LONG time to be apart! Wow! Exciting news in the Montgomery home!